Dmitri Samovski, PhD

Dmitri Samovski, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Research Interests

Research in Dr. Samovski’s laboratory focuses on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of metabolic disease induced by nutrient overload. The studies use cultured cells and rodent models of metabolic syndrome to explore the pleiotropic effects of lipids and carbohydrates on signal transduction and energy metabolism.  Dr. Samovski’s group identified novel molecular pathways for fatty acid regulation of AMP kinase and fatty acid oxidation and showed that long chain fatty acids, through fatty acid receptor CD36, exert direct control of insulin receptor signaling. These discoveries established a new mechanistic perspective in homeostatic regulation of lipid metabolism and insulin signaling by long chain fatty acids. The long-term research goal is to translate findings from cultured cells and rodent models of metabolic disease to controlled studies on the pathogenesis of insulin resistance and type II diabetes in humans.


Nutritional Science