David Alpers, MD

David Alpers, MD

Emeritus William B. Kountz Professor of Gerontology in Medicine

Additional Titles

  • Co-Director, Center for Human Nutrition

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Clinical Interests

Nutrition/malnutrition, small and large intestinal diseases, general GI

Research Interests

Dr. Alpers’ major laboratory research interests have involved the synthesis, secretion and transcytotic movement of intestinal proteins and the regulation of these processes, including the role of cobalamin (vitamin B-12) binding proteins in the absorption of the vitamin. Although his laboratory is now closed, work on these topics continues with some of his former collaborators, currently on the crystal structure of hapotocorrin. He is involved in clinical studies with GSK involving a gastric prokinetic drug, a low molecular weight motilin agonist. Another long-standing clinical research interest involves the recognition and treatment of psychiatric disorders in clinical gastroenterology, particularly as they interact with irritable bowel syndrome and other functional syndromes. This work is being continued in collaboration with Gregory Sayuk (Washington University) and Carol North (Department of Psychiatry, University of Texas Southwestern).


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Nutritional Science