The Weight Management Program at Washington University School of Medicine is dedicated to the management of excessive body weight. By applying the most current methods, the program helps patients manage their weight and reduce the medical risks linked with overweight and obesity. Current guidelines for the management of overweight and obesity recommend and intensive, multidisciplinary approach.  Our dedicated, caring team members can provide this.  We have the commitment and expertise to help you reach your weight loss goals and improve your health.  Call us today.

Are you Overweight?

Medical weight management program

Program Philosophy:

Overweight and Obesity are chronic diseases with many factors contributing to their development. An individualized approach to weight loss is essential to address the varying ways in which genetics, diet, physical activity and other influences impact weight in each person. Our program is consistent with expert guidelines which recommend a high-intensity, comprehensive lifestyle intervention.

Key elements of our approach include:

  • Evidence-based therapies incorporating current scientific knowledge
  • Working with a registered dietitian to develop a personalized meal plan
  • An individual assessment by our program psychologist or one of our other trained behaviorists to discern relevant factors which may be contributing to overweight/obesity
  • Medical evaluation and monitoring by our program physician throughout the program
  • Group sessions in which participants will acquire weight loss skills and strategies for weight maintenance
  • Behavioral and dietary interventions include stimulus narrowing – limiting the need to choose, buy and prepare food
  • Guidance by physical therapists towards starting and gradually increasing physical activity
  • Weight loss medications utilized when desired and appropriate

Our physicians are trained to recognize medical conditions associated with excessive weight and with weight loss. Regular monitoring by our medical team helps reduce health risks related to weight loss and enables our staff to adjust treatment as needed.

Call the program office at 314-286-2080 for the date of the next information session. At this free session, a program representative will go over the details of the treatment program and will make sure that your questions are answered. Information sessions are held monthly, typically from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.

Note: Due to COVID-19, our information sessions are not being held. Please see Patient Care for Weight Management Program for links to written information about our program and treatment options during COVID-19.